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Is a Bull Terrier the breed for you?

Educate yourself.Go to a dog show and speak to Bull Terrier breeders.Read books.Contact your local or regional Bull Terrier club and tell them you are interested in learning more about the breed.These are some of the things I would  have done (given the warning)before My husband strolled through the door with a strange Bull Terrier following behind him.I was unprepared.Thank goodness Edie took the lead and was older and so very sound in temperment.Edie blended so smoothly into our home and life.This is not always the case.
Bull Terrier puppies are alot of work.A pup will reqiure constant supervision in the household when not crated.Obstruction is the number one killer of young Bull terriers.They will chew and and ingest anything given the opportunity. Most of the time the item will  exit on it's own.However, surgery will be required if it does not.I have to be especially careful because of the children's toys and dolls.You will have to use his uncrated time  in the house teaching house rules and manners.Praising when the pup meets the expectation and quickly scolding when the pup does not.A consistent  owner is rewarded  with a well mannered  dog who can eventually be trusted  alone in the home.The pup will need positive interaction throughout the day and have access to the outside several times a day.


Books to read:BULL TERRIERS TODAY By David Harris
                        THE NEW BULL TERRIER By John H.Remer,Jr.
                        BULL TERRIERS By Martin Weil

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