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Photo Page/1 Picture

Owning a Bull Terrier isn't for everyone.I screen potential puppy homes carefully.I try to match the bullies personality with the owners situation as much as possible.Some bull Terriers do well with children ,others prefer adult only companionship.Some bull terriers do not mind sharing their owner's affection with another dog.Others may never be willing to co- habitate peaceably.Some bullies like cats or do not bother with their presence.Other bullies may try to kill it.Placing a puppy is a serious task.I try to make a lifetime placement.If at anytime ,things dont work out between new owner and pup, the pup must be returned to me.I look at owning and breeding bull terriers
with a lifetime commitment.

White male with outstanding temperment.
Quite the "Old Soul"

Bull terriers are vey unique in their appearence as well as their personality.

Comfort is high on a Bull Terrier's
apprentices runnin around
priority list.At the expense of your furniture.

Each Bull Terrier puppy...
has its own unique personality.